The Beauty of Yoga


An excerpt from Karen Carrasco:  

Yoga is one of the most phenomenal spiritual connections to the self. Some individuals call it exercising, while others simply practice it to relax their body and minds. While it is proven to reduce stress and be an exercise of it’s own, it is something greater than that. Yoga is a union, a more harmonious union of the self, breath, body and soul.


The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be B.K.S. Iyengar to practice yoga well. What makes yoga practice perfect is practicing often and always being willing to learn new things. Being open-minded is a virtue and talent. In addition to that, subconsciously or unconsciously, your chakras and kundalini will be awakened in their due time. Chakras and the kundalini are simply the energy systems for spiritual awareness. Many people worry that yoga is a religion, but it is not. It is just an awareness of yourself and the universe. Whether or not that is your purpose, it brings a calming sensation to your being, physically, mentally and spiritually.


An important lesson to always remember is that one is in control of his or her own body and life. Amazingly enough, yoga falls under the category of Alternative Medicine. This basically means that the practice of yoga has the healing effects of medicine, but in a more natural way. It’s one of those old wives tales that say if you do yoga, you eliminate stress. With stress being one of the major causes of modern medical issues, yoga does a great job in relieving tensions from the everyday obstacles in life. Practicing yoga helps you have a better mood and supplies you with good physical activity, leaving you with a healthier life.


That’s the beauty of yoga.