The Science Of Vinyasa



The following is an article from Zoran Glamoclija, the man offering The Science of Vinyasa this weekend at Yogalife Studios South. Zoran will share Learn how to utilize the energy that is constantly emanating from the nervous systems.  Advance through your practice and direct the flow of energy towards greater awareness and progress!


The Science of Vinyasa: Re-Structure and Re-define


1. Adopting beliefs, personality traits, and behaviours through absorption while growing into adulthood


Do you remember, as a child, when you couldn’t help but repeat all the silly things you heard from your parents/television? At the time, it was all so innocent. It was all so seemingly harmless to mimic the voices and styles of our favourite characters on TV, and to repeat swear words with a huge grin when father hurt himself repairing something. This kind of adoption is natural; it’s the way we all learn to absorb information so that we can understand concepts. This understanding indubitably leads to developing certain behavioural and personality traits. And, over time, after we have practiced rehearsing how it is to be “cool” in front of the mirror, all of those moments of practice turn into habits; creating sub-conscious tendencies.


2. Recognizing the process of absorption


We continue our lives for quite a period of time not really recognizing how we have set ourselves up for future decisions and reactions to circumstances. We usually think the way we respond is based on our own personality and unique method of inquiry to whatever dares to be confrontational, or inquisitive. However, let’s take a look a little closer with what has been stated above.


If the innocent and naïve practices of our youth have become sub-conscious habits, that means that we are operating from beliefs and traits that really aren’t ours, without even knowing it.


They are given to us at a time when we are in a mode of absorption. So, what does that say about our unique personality and behaviours? It means, it is a construct that we, personally, have not consciously constructed through awareness. Thus, once such awareness is exercised, the nature of our energy is revealed; namely that, scientifically speaking, we must have a negative polarity which draws ideas, concepts, beliefs, etc. inward so that we can practice outwardly expressing what it is the external world is composed of. And as we know, some parts of society love expressing that ‘the world is our oyster’. At this point in a child’s life, when he/she is steadily growing into a teen and young adult, absorption begins to slowly decline while outward expression increases. Remember earlier about the idea of not really recognizing how we set ourselves up for the future? Well, when we believe that we are confident with how well we grasp ideas and concepts, naivety continues to operate, bringing us into a future that sometimes seems to have happened without us wanting it to. This time our outward expression becomes the practice and we add to our beliefs, behaviours, and personality traits of what it means to be active in a community. Thus, as our beginning stages were to absorb traits, our later childhood/teen/young adult stages are adding traits to what we have absorbed without bringing awareness to the fact that the first traits were not ours to begin with.



3. Yoga and the process of re-structuring and re-defining


What can be done about all the habits that have been created from childhood that now operate sub-consciously? How can the imbalance between all that has been absorbed and all that has been expressed equalize? What am I even talking about?


The answer to all of those questions is Yoga. There is a literal re-wiring that occurs when yoga is practiced regularly.


Remember that one time in pigeon pose when suddenly you got this ridiculous rush of frustration, anger, sadness, and glimpses of moments of your childhood? Yeah, I don’t really either, because really no one wants to remember traumatic experiences. Well, in case you have, those ‘emotional releases’ are coming from your nervous system. When we target areas of our body, a sensation arises, which we classify as pain or discomfort, but what is actually happening is that the muscles have been torn in micro-segments which allows for the nerve endings to release whatever energy was stored in that area. Because our brains are fantastic machines, they pick up the energy signals and interpret them. Each one of us is different, so we will interpret the sensation in multiple ways. I know I’ve been told repeatedly to focus on a rhythmic breath, but why? Here is why.


When you consciously control your breath in a rhythmic rate you active the parasympathetic nervous system. This increases serotonin and begins to calm the brain during fight of flight mode/the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. So, as energy is leaving the nervous system through whatever area of muscles are targeted, simultaneously new nerves are being created to support the higher levels of serotonin that are produced from the conscious breathing.



As the restructuring is occurring from releasing pent up energies with happy fresh energies, it is also necessary to redefine how it is you operate with your body. Instead of not knowing the impact the adopted beliefs will have, you can fully know and be aware what impact a yoga practice can have on your entire being because the balance between energetic release and circulation pulls your mind to focus in on what is occurring during the yoga practice.


4. Acute awareness and dynamic forces, absorbing and emitting consciously


The more yoga is practiced, the more re-wiring occurs. As you turn every muscle that once was tense and tight into flexible happy strings of goodness, your brain also completely re-wires. This occurs because where ever there are nerve networks in your legs, for example, there are neurological pathways that correlate in your brain. So think about it.


As you release every muscle from the grip of tension and toxins into openness and serotonin filled, your whole body operates on the higher vibes that you consciously restructured into your being. As you practice conscious control and awareness, you will naturally begin to observe how your body operates and switches between positive and negative fields of energy.



Just as the planet has a negative and positive pole, and like the sun, and like the galaxy, we also have negative and positive poles. However, our poles flip much more frequently than our celestial hosts. Tracing back for a moment, when we transitioned from childhood to teen/young adult, we weren’t aware of the pole flips. When you bring awareness to the pole flips, you realize how to utilize the energy of the dynamic forces. Thus, you begin to absorb and emit energy consciously. For example, after a period of time practicing yoga and bringing awareness to the nature of energy from your body/mind/emotions, you find that when someone is acting rude or negative in some way, you don’t react to it. Instead you listen and contemplate, and absorb consciously the way that person was standing, the tone of voice they used, and the nature of language used. Then, you consciously choose to use the energy that was absorbed to inspire a change of heart so to speak, so you express yourself in a way that will aid in their pole flip to embody a more positive outlook.  That is the process of having an acute awareness to absorb and emit energy consciously through the faculties of the body.



5. Unity consciousness and functioning subconsciously as a whole being


Just as we all practiced absorbing and emitting ideas, beliefs, and tendencies that turned into sub-conscious tendencies and habits, when we consciously re-write and re-wire those tendencies through the practice of Yoga, we begin to operate from a unified state of consciousness sub-consciously. After all, Yoga does literally mean Unity. That means, that the body will maintain a balance between absorption and emission. This not only occurs with the body, it includes the fluctuating energy in the mind and emotions. Furthermore, when all of these are unified and in balance, wholeness ensues.


At this point it is now up to you to do the work. Practice yoga, and don’t just sit there day dreaming. Focus on the breath, make it rhythmic, and talk to your body. Tell your body that changes are being made for the better. Tell your body to relax and allow the old patterned energies to release to make way for fresh new high vibe charged pathways.


Observe the sounds the body makes, and the movements that occur. The more awareness the better! This way, you learn from a form of existence that holds all the knowledge you need to truly know of yourself.


That’s enough out of me for now! Hope you enjoyed the read, and see you on May 17th for The Science of Vinyasa!


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