Tips For Making a GREAT Relationship



Adapted from Michael McCarthy:


The opportunity for the Great Relationship is always in your path, you simply have to notice it, choose it….and …. WORK at it. That relationship that we are all looking for must be nourished and maintained like any beautiful flower.

What are the magical ingredients we need to culture this flower? In no special order but all necessary to its colour, bouquet and texture, here are a few of the necessary items you need in your love potion for that “Great Relationship”:


Expression of Gratitude

Give thanks everyday for that special person in your life and the wonder of the love you share.



Always be willing to forgive, to let go of that which you may not approve of in your relationship. Do not cast the stone of disapproval.



Always be transparent in your relationship. Do not judge one another.


Expression of Beauty and Excellence

Be sure to compliment and positively comment on what may seem at first glance small or insignificant.


Focus on what’s good, great and intoxicating

Always have at the centre of your relationship what is great.



Keep in perspective what is happening in your relationship.



Be kind to one another. Neither person is there to be taken advantage of.





Keep your sense of humour. Do not take one another too seriously. Have fun.



Be kind and considerate whenever you are interacting with each other.



Never give up on that special person.



Look for new and fresh ways to bring new excitement and awarenesses into your relationship.


Love of learning to love

Each day look for something new and wonderful you can learn about your partner’s love.


WORK on these in your special relationship. Continue to notice and choose those items that make your relationship precious. Enjoy each moment so you never have to regret what you could have had.


In the words of the Prophet, Kahlil Gibran – “Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of love”. This in the flower that blossoms before your eyes.