Virya Yoga Challenge




Virya means diligence, effort and enthusiasm 


Join us for the next 3 months to build a more balanced and consistent yoga practice in your life this summer.

Yoga is an inward journey for all of us so allow yourself the time and space to develop your own personal practice.




A minimum of 3 practices per week from March 1st until May 31st.

There are a total of 13 weeks plus 4 days in that time.

You will receive a journal upon registration to keep track of your weeks and practices as well as marking your weeks in-studio.


This challenge is meant to help build consistency in your week to week, month to month lifestyle. To commit to yourself to practice every week, three times per week means to consistently build discipline in your practice. Extra classes in one week will not count towards the next. This practice is about consistency and how you can maintain a healthy happy body each week.


If you can’t make it to the studio or you plan to go on vacation, bring us with you!

Show us how you’ve kept up with your practice during that week. Here is an option:

Tag us @yogalifestudios and Hashtag #YogalifeViryaPractice with your preferred social media to let us know your progress, or let us know in your own creative way how you’ve been keeping up with your practice.

Join our Facebook Group to be motivated and to motivate others during the challenge.