Yoga and the Psoas with Brea Johnson



If there is one set of muscles you want to work on to make your whole body happy, work on your psoas.

Learn how to support, relax and nurture these important muscles both in a yoga practice and in your everyday life to prevent back pain, create stability and strength in your yoga postures and enjoy more freedom and ease throughout your whole body.

The psoas is one of the most important muscles in the body and yet often the least understood.

It is involved in moving your body and stabilizing your spine so that you can move, run, dance, jump and play with more freedom and ease. It is also intimately tied to your fight or flight response. If you have had trauma or been under stress, your psoas will hold that in your body. In this dynamic workshop, you will learn about this fascinating part of your body and how a relaxed, functional psoas relates to and improves everyday movement, back and neck pain, pelvic floor issues, sleep, posture, flexibility, digestion, immune, adrenal & hormonal function just to name a few.



• Discover important postural keys to align your body in a way that your whole spine is supported and your core will work more naturally and effortlessly. • Learn about the emotional and energetic elements of this powerful, deep core muscle. • Explore a variety of movements, postures and stretches to release deeply held tension and emotions in your psoas. • Utilize simple and effective techniques for daily self-care. • If you are a massage therapist, chiropractor or bodyworker of any type, you will gain insight and effective tools to augment the healing work you are doing with your clients. • Yoga, pilates and many other movement practices will be enhanced and pain-free through a deeper understanding of your psoas.

Yoga and the Psoas with Brea Johnson Saturday, March 7 || 2:30-5:30 Yogalife Studios South



The following is a piece from an informative blog post written by Brea. Check out the full article here.


While there are a whole bunch of things we can do to support and release the psoas, here are three things you can do everyday.


Psoas Releases


Psoas Release on Block

Place block (or bolster) underneath your pelvis. You want to have the block fairly low down, toward your tailbone to allow your pubic bone to lengthen toward the ceiling.


This tilt will allow your low back and ribcage to move towards the ground. Start to feel the back of your ribcage soften down and the belly relax completely. If you have the habit of thrusting your ribs, then you can place your hands on the front of your ribcage to remind yourself to relax toward the floor. Stay for 5-10 mins.





Psoas Release with Bolster Under Shoulders

Place one edge of your bolster between your shoulder blades. The rest of your spine and ribcage will be off of the bolster and relaxing towards the ground. If your psoas is really tight, the front of your ribcage will be lifted and most of your back will be off the floor. Over time, the psoas will relax enough that most of the back softens down and connects more on the floor. This isn't something that you can force, you just have to hang out and allow your psoas and muscles to relax. Stay 5-10 mins or as long as it feels comfortable. You can also place a blanket over your body for more warmth and grounding.


Stack your bones, not your psoas


One very simple cue that you can remind yourself of all day long while you are standing, is to back your hips over your heels. Most of us have the habit of thrusting our hips forward which places strain on your back, knees and feet. Just by backing your pelvis so it is lined right over your heels, your bones get to do the weight bearing that they are designed to do and your psoas doesn't have to hold you up.


If you are looking to learn more about your psoas and enjoy a nourishing and supportive practice, join us on March 7th at Yogalife Studios South and click here to purchase Your Supple Psoas video.



Happy Psoas, Happy Mama