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Yoga is a trilogy of mind, body and soul health.  Our path to establishing and maintaining a flow between the three is unique and special.  Humans strive to exist in a place of balance, fluctuating between light and dark, shadow and star.  Our yoga practice offers up a safe space to journey through all aspects of self; it is when we enter the life laboratory we really get to test things out, try things on, and find the right path to healing and balance for our unique needs.


Seeking support and guidance on your journey is an amazing way to stock your toolbox.  Often times we know we want to grow and heal, but we don't necessarily know where to start.  It can seem daunting once you start to wake up to your true needs.  How do I begin to meditate?  What are these feelings of anxiety?  What shapes can I make to stretch my heart that so badly needs freedom?


Wherever you are at in your practice, it is important to keep "trying things on".  We can get comfortable in a flow of our physical practice and inadvertently disconnect from our soul's work.  We forget to listen because we are craving the stretch.  For some of us, stepping onto a yoga mat and doing the "work" is the most terrifying thing we can think of.  For others, it's even just getting out of bed some days.  The beautiful thing about joining a group to observe and heal all of your sides is that you are not alone.  The support and understanding is right there for you, at your side, ready.


This month we are offering up these unique workshops to support your mind and soul, each rich in the foundation of taking care of your mental health.


Nurtured, Centered, and Relaxed: A Restorative Yoga and Meditation with Emily McNicoll

March 12 | 2:00-5:00 | Yogalife Studios South

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A three hour exploration of nurturing restorative yoga, simple pranayama (breathing exercises,) and centering, guided meditation.  Your body is sure to feel relaxed, your mind to feel at ease, and your whole being tenderly cared for.


Yoga Practice for depression, lethargy and to beat the blues with Michelle Chung

March 19 | 2:00-5:00 | Yogalife Studios South

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This workshop is specifically designed to help those that suffer from depression and the blues.  Using LifeForce Yoga ® principles and techniques, you will learn to move into a more balanced state and towards a positive emotional, mental, physical state of equanimity and self-awareness.


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Relax and Rebalance with Essential Oils with Bianca Osbourne

March 20 | 3:00-4:00 | Yogalife Studios South | free for members, $5 for drop-in

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Learn how to calm the body and renew the nervous system with essential oils.


Intro to Meditation with Kim Wilkinson

March 26 | 2:00-4:00 | Yogalife Studios South

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Learn the basic Science, philosophy, and practice of meditation. Develop a solid personal practice, sit with ease, and bring balance, concentration, strength, and calm into your body and life.


Please reach out to us at if you have any questions on these offerings.  

May we all feel supported on our journey.