Yogalife's Second Retreat!



From April 11th-15th, 2013, Yogalife will be hosting it's second retreat! This year it will be at the Salt Spring Centre for Yoga, located on Salt Spring Island, BC. This incredible location is a cozy turn-of-the-century farmhouse and studio building and sits amid 70 acres of meadows, forest and organic gardens.

The retreat will be led by two of Yogalife's incredible instructors (yet to be announced), and will consist of two yoga classes a day, three fresh, organic meals a day, as well as a silent meditation walk, Kirtan, spa treatments, and an amazing sauna experience.

The gardens not only yield healthy, organic, nutritious fruit, vegetables and herbs, but also provide an inspiring and restful place to sit quietly or stroll amid the flowers. There is also a scenic woodland trail that runs along Blackburn Creek as it winds down the west side of the valley to Blackburn Lake. Bordered by majestic cedars, firs and maples, the Centre land is strikingly beautiful in all seasons.

This location has an absolutely INCREDIBLE diet based on their organic farm. They follow the sattvic diet advised for yoga practitioners which consists of pure foods that are calming to the mind and body, and avoids stimulating foods. This aids meditation by reducing mental and emotional disturbances of the mind. In keeping with these principles, their diet is lacto-vegetarian; they incorporate dairy products in moderate amounts, but do not use eggs, fish or meat of any kind. Also, in keeping with the yogic prescription for a sattvic diet that does not overstimulate the mind, they avoid onions and garlic. The staff are often told that their meals are the highlight of guests' stays!

The Centre also offers many massage and spa treatments (extra charge). There are massages, facials, reiki, as well as a herbal steam (different from the sauna experience that is included). They also offer a variety of Ayurvedic treatments (more information on that to come as well).

Registration, pricing, and other further details will be available soon! Please contact Yogalife Studios directly for booking and check the blog over the next 10 days for all of the other information!