Breathing the Exquisite Breath


I'm still learning how to breathe fully. 

 After 5 years of steady yoga practice, I'm still re-training myself to stop limiting my breath, on and off, of the yoga mat.


I discovered "The Breathing Book" by Donna Fahri, a yoga teacher from New Zealand about a year ago, and it has been one of the major catalysts in my quest to heal myself. I've been inspired to lead this workshop on breath by noticing some of the ways that I've been transformed by breath practice, whether it's yogic breath, pranayama, or simply full, diaphramatic breathing. I learned in my own body how I was creating tension simply by breathing using the wrong set of muscles! The patterns we weave into our bodies every moment are all about choice. The way we are breathing can become part of a conscious lifestyle, and support healing major blockages within our physical and emotional bodies.


The intention of this workshop is to offer tools to begin the process of healing yourself. We will be doing a bit of partner and group breathwork, as well as taking time to break down several pranayama practices, with optional homework to try out on your own. Come dressed in layers, as the breath techniques we'll explore have the potential to heat you up, and cool you down just as quickly. If you have your own meditation cushion or seat, please feel free to bring it with you, as we will be seated for most of the experience. And, of course, when we dig deep into the breath, we invite repressed emotions to the surface with the fresh oxygen, so I invite you to bring along a notebook or journal if you feel called.


In service,


Please join us for an amazing breath journey on Saturday, March 30th from 2:30-4:30.

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