YEG Highlight: South Common Farmer’s Market




YEG Highlight: South Common Farmer’s Market


Surely you’ve seen all the signs on your commute to and from our south studio—our neighbours over at the South Common Farmer’s Market are so close, you can almost smell the fresh summer berries as you step out of our studio doors!


Featuring sunshine, fresh local goodies, and friendly faces, the outdoor market is home to some lovely vendors sharing everything from handmade coconut milk soap to Alberta beef jerky. Bring your pre- or post-class appetite—food trucks and stalls offer ready-to-munch goodies like fresh fish tacos, sweet and juicy lemonade, and gluten-free perogies smothered in all the toppings.


Feel free to simply browse and enjoy the community, and feel good about any purchase—not only are you supporting local farms and businesses, but the South Common Farmer’s Market also gives back to various charities, like Hope Mission, The Center for Arts and Music, and plenty of youth sports teams.


The South Common Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Servus parking lot just southeast of Yogalife South (this year, it runs until October 19th). There’s plenty of parking, and ETS route #74 stops right at the curb.

Hope to see you southies there!