New Pricing and Package Pricing!


As of April 1st, we have changed some of our pricing and options for purchasing classes. We have done this to add more value to you, or amazing practitioners! Please let us know if you have any questions at all!


Session Passes:  We are no longer offering a 5 or 50 class pass The 10 Pass will stay the same at $140 NEW - 25 Session Pass for $275


Unlimited Passes: We have eliminated the 1 and 3 month memberships. The auto-renew will now be $79/month no commitment required (a credit card will still be needed on file to purchase this account, and we will charge a cancellation fee of $25 when/if you decide to cancel.) For those of you who prefer to pay up front, we will be offering a 1 year up-front payment of $805 (15% off the monthly price). You can also add the plus package for $255 (also 15% off).


Plus Package (Mat & Towel Service): $25 add on to any package or per month with the auto-renew

Again, please let us know if you do have any questions! Looking forward to seeing you in the studio and on the mat!