November's Karma Classes - A Better World

A Better World Foundation believes...

We all have an inherent need for a central role in the direction of our life, and to make valuable and impactful contributions to our lives and to something greater than ourselves.

However, meeting these needs requires inspiration and encouragement, as well as further engagement and connection, to support that direction of our life as we move forward.

As this occurs, we explore who we are, can be, and want to be. We begin to recognize that how we think and our actions affect our results, and we begin to examine our choices.

Inevitably our perspectives, approaches, and our decisions shift, moving us ever closer toward our objectives. Every shift, no matter the size, benefits us all, and inspires others.

ABWF is a catalyst… inspiring, encouraging, and accelerating individual direction and impact; supporting the opportunities you choose to positively impact your life, and, in turn, the world.

“In every moment is an opportunity… a better world begins with you”

You are essential to what happens next. Your actions and interactions affect everyone connected to you, even people you will never meet. As you value how you think and focus what you do, your impact will become profound and inspire others. We are a catalyst… inspiring, encouraging, and accelerating this process, affecting and benefiting everyone. If you want a central role in the direction and impact of your life, and our world, we will show you how.

A Better World is a Central Alberta based international development organization that is dedicated to improving the lives in developing countries. Their five main areas they strive to improve upon include education, health, water, agriculture, and income generation.

Members of the Faculty of Education at the UofA are planning various fundraisers to help support A Better World's efforts in Afghanistan and Kenya. They are planning to fundraise to purchase desks for schools in Afghanistan (each desk is $50 and seats three students), and to purchase bunk beds for a girls' dorm at a school in Kenya (70 bunk beds are needed at $200 each). These dorms in Masai Mara are incredibly important, because parents rarely allow girls to attend school beyond the eighth grade unless they have a safe place to stay near the school.

The long term goal of the program is a trip to Kenya in May where the organization is hoping to do some professional development for Kenyan teachers.

If you would like to get involved or donate, come to any of our Karma classes! Our North studio hosts a 60 minute Karma hatha class from 11-12 and our South studio hosts a 60 minute Karma hot flow from 1:30-2:30.