A Weekend With Christine Price Clark


There are four equally impactful, but uniquely different workshops you can attend:


Evolution by Involution: Easy. Accessible, Exquisite Journeys Inside 

Friday May 24th - 7PM-9:30PM  

This workshop is for all levels and no experience is required. This will be an exploration of meditation, mantra, and pranayama that can be easily woven into everyday life. This is a lighter practice, with light asana, in preparation for sitting and meditation.


Notes from the Underworld

Saturday May 25th - 11AM-1:30PM 

For the intermediate/advanced student (students must be able to kick up into handstand, unassisted at the wall, as well as perform full backbend (wheel) with straight arms. Students should have no major injuries - This class will be inspired by the darker elements of Hindu mythology. A deep and dynamic practice, unearthing the more rare and often unexplored poses.


Goddess Rising: A Practice for Women

Saturday May 25th - 2:30PM-5:00PM

This is a full spectrum practice for all levels, that will include not only asana, but chanting, meditation, and pranayama. This practice will be guided by the symbolism and stories of Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati, and is supported by our fellow sisters, mothers, daughters, divas, and queens.


Embodies Teaching: A Teacher Development Session

Sunday May 26th - 11:00AM-1:30PM

This class will be geared towards class planning and sequencing strategies for classes that are MORE than classes - full-flavoured feasts of heart/mind, and body.


Christine's teaching reflects a deep embrace of the heart and a playful delight for the body. Her classes are an artful blend of strong, rhythmic adana and purposeful creative sequencing.


She is a proud mentor to a growing number of phenomenal teachers and is extremely excited and honoured to be teaching at Wanderlust Whistler 2013. Currently living in Vancouver with her husband and two little girls, she is known throughout the city and beyond as an empowering mentor and teacher's teacher who keeps it relevant, reverent, and real.


If you want to know even more about Christine, you can check her out here.



Sessions are being individually offered for $45 in advance and $50 drop in. You can also purchase all four sessions for $150. You don't want to miss this!