Yoga Ed. Kids Yoga Teacher Training at Yogalife Studios

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Yoga Ed. is an educational program dedicated to changing education through the practice of yoga. Their mission is to empower school communities with yoga to cultivate health and wellness in children and teens.

Through evidence-based Professional Institutes, Professional Development, and Educational Resources, Yoga Ed. equips educators with yoga tools to integrate yoga for children and teens into academic environments.

We are so excited to offer this amazing training to our community at Yogalife through the Yoga Ed. training program. To gain a little more insight on the benefits of kids yoga and the training itself, we caught up with yoga educator and Yoga Ed. trainer, Akiko McLeod. Akiko is facilitating the upcoming training at Yogalife Studios South on June 9-12.

Yogalife and Akiko McLeod: a conversation about Yoga Ed. and kids yoga.

IMG_7376 My name is Akiko McLeod. I am a yoga educator, Yoga Ed. Trainer and a mother of two. I always wanted to do yoga with my own children so right after my first one was born, I researched kids yoga training and then I met Yoga Ed.. I started as an educator as I have been working closely with Yoga Ed. and decided to take this role to the next level to become a Trainer.


What's a notable experience or memorable situation you have seen in a classroom or with a child that has really stuck with you as a facilitator? One of my students told me, "Mrs. Akiko, I do ocean breath in bed before I go to sleep because this makes me feel calm and relaxed...I love it.". When children bring yoga into their daily life (outside of yoga classes), it makes this all worth while.


In your opinion, what are the best benefits for children in yoga? Self-awareness and self-regulation. Yoga supports children in observing their emotions and feelings. They use yoga tools to manage and shift their emotions and feelings.


Who is this training for and what can we expect? This training is for anybody who is eager to support children's health and wellness, whether you are a yoga instructor, a classroom teacher, a parent or a health practitioner. You will gain a deeper understanding of children physically, emotionally and developmentally with specific yoga techniques which will allow you to maximize support of your children.  The Yoga Ed. program is evidence-based and also aligned with Alberta's PE standard.


If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation. — Dalai Lama

Join us June 9-12 at Yogalife Studios South for this opportunity to learn to connect with children through yoga~

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