Love and Light for BKS Iyengar



Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar, better known by his initials BKS, has left his Earthly body.  Perhaps one of the best-known gurus in the world and accredited for helping bring yoga to the west, Iyengar was still teaching and practicing at the age of 95!  (Note: there is some confusion around Iyengar's age at his time of passing.  Some sources share that he was indeed 96).



Iyengar was one of the earliest students of Krishnamacharya, who is often referred to as "the father of modern yoga".  Iyengar's book 'Light On Yoga' has been called the "bible of  yoga" and his teachings will remain influential for eternity.  In 2004, Iyengar was recognized for his global influence by Time and was named one of the world's most influential people.  We agree.


Love and light to you, BKS Iyengar.  Immense gratitude for your teachings and influence.