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• Who is this for? Why? • Are there any prerequisites for attending? • Is there anyone that shouldn’t take this workshop? Why not? • What can clients expect when they show up? (ie. what style of yoga; is there partner work; is there a lecture component; do clients need to bring anything specific; etc) • What are the benefits of attending? • What/how can clients expect to feel after the workshop?
(why should they choose this specific teacher/take their workshop?) • Short bio: (Credentials, areas of expertise, fun/welcoming facts to make the workshop feel more inviting) • What inspired you to teach this workshop? • Any extra information that might help capture the interest of clients:
$20 fee for poster design (to be put up at both studios)
& would you like to be an admin on the event so you are able to reply and engage with the community?
(questions relevant to this workshop & your qualifications)