5 Simple Ways To Take Action On Earth Day

Earth Day is on April 22, 2017

Since April 22, 1970 we've been celebrating Earth Day, a time to reflect on our relationship to Mama Gaia and a chance to take action within our commitment to this planet. As yogis, we strive to live our lives consciously and respectfully of all things, especially our planet. Earth Day presents the opportunity not only to act mindfully in our relations with our surroundings but to check-in, renewing goals or challenging current habits.

Earth Day is a time to spark conversation, educating our communities on ways to respect and nurture the planet; it is a time to honour and celebrate our beautiful home; it is a time to use less and give more. Here are 7 simple ways to take action this Earth Day!

1. Skip animal products. 

According to the Worldwatch Institute, animal agriculture accounts for 51% or more of the world's greenhouse-gas emissions. 

2. Ditch your car.

Walk, run, take the bus, cycle, skateboard, cartwheel... there are so many ways to get around that are greener than your vehicle!

3. Shave 5 minutes off your shower.

It adds up. Get down to business and conserve one of our most important, finite resources.

4. Unplug. 

Don't just put down your electronics, actually unplug them! This will serve as a reminder to get outside and enjoy your natural surroundings and you'll save electricity in the process.

5. Take your yoga practice outside.

Connecting with yourself while connecting with nature is a beautiful way to remind yourself to stay committed to a green lifestyle. 

We only have one planet. Pour your love and  creativity into sustaining her!