Festival Essentials

Yogalife Edmonton Festival Bag

Summer for me generally means gallivanting and getting out there.

There are so many incredible offerings around the city and into our extended backyard to experience through the summer months. Also, as you venture further it really starts getting interesting! It can be draining to spend life out of a bag, but there's a few things I have come to call my festival essentials that make life a little more perfect out in the wild.

From Burning Man to Bass Coast, this is what's in my bag. 

*Note: Always have the sometimes-not-so-common-sense commonalities like WATER, ear plugs, sunscreen and a flashlight. Trust me. A buddy is usually a good idea too! 

Sage wellness oils

Stay Cool With This Mist

A spray bottle is a godsend on those 35+ days, and even more wonderful with essential oils added in. Pro tip? Leave it in your cooler until you're ready to spritz. Hello. 

I love Liquid Sunshine from Saje. Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lime.

This also makes a really nice (and easy/inexpensive) gift to bring along and share. Find small spritz bottles and create your own blends to gift people you meet along your adventures. I remember being given a little blue spritz bottle with water and lavender oil at Burning Man one year - it made me so happy! 


yogalife festival essentials

Sunnies Rock

Bring extra sunglasses! Chances are you are probably bringing a few pairs if you're travelling around, but these things seem to always be on an adventure of their own when you need them the most.

Heart-shaped rocks (like the one shown here) are not essential but will always find their way into my bag at some point. I once collected enough heart rocks at Shambhala Music Festival to bring to my entire yoga retreat the following week. Good vibes, man. 

Pure essential oil blend

Pura & Pages

In an ideal world I would bring Pura Botanicals everything along with me, but it's nice to have a little slice of home in the form of this petite sample oil blend. This particular one has peppermint - a beauty for the occasional aches and pains that come along with excessive music, dancing and gallivanting! 

Another essential is a little journal. You will meet so many new friends, encounter new teachers and workshops, hear tons of new music and just generally want to document some of the magic. If you're camping, it's a really fun thing to pass around or just leave out for people to contribute to. Future self will thank you. 

You may also find yourself drawn to hang by the river or up on a hillside somewhere and reflect on these new experiences.

Home Base Blanket

A good blanket to romp around with is key. Depending where you're festivalling, you might be posted up and taking it in for awhile! Having a home base for your crew to ditch their stuff and come back to for rests and reconnects is the way to do it. I love this cotton woven one from Halfmoon - it's pretty and does the job. 


Snap Snap

Polaroids have gone from fun to essential in my books. I usually have another camera handy, but this one is instant gratification and requires zero turnaround time! These little silly snap shots make such a lovely gift or keepsake for people you meet along the way as well. Just remember to not leave your film out in the hot sun! 

Proper Footwear (or something)

These are my go to "rave shoes" (situation depending!) that I've pranced around many festival grounds in. Yes, Burning Man too. If you're someone who loves to go barefoot but wants a little barrier of protection wrapped up in tenderness and charm, I highly recommend real dance slippers. These are not for the faint of feet though - you will hit rocks and mud and could even twist an ankle. I just love them and wear them out in the wild religiously. Proceed with care!  

As you gear up for the rest of the summer, pack wisely! What makes you most comfortable when you're out and about? How can you feel the most prepared to have the best time of your life? August brings us the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Shambhala Music Festival and Oregon Eclipse, to name a few. Safety and comfort are the biggest festival essentials - what's in your bag?

Wishing you the best time out there!