Make Your Transition

"On March 20, 2017, at precisely 6:29 A.M. EDT, the Sun will cross directly over the Earth's equator. This moment is known as the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. For the Southern Hemisphere, this is the moment of the autumnal equinox." - Infoplease

A Time of Transition

As we near the end of "technical winter" and look forward to the spring equinox, it's easy to get a little antsy within the transition. Like every year, we've wintered for months, teased by the inkling of spring on those random days in the plusses. This transitional time can be the most challenging; ups and downs in the patterns can really throw us off internally. Luckily, the storm is external. In the spirit of being present, we become warriors of the transition and embrace the cycle with all its ups and downs. 

“It’s not gonna be easy. But it’s gonna be worth it.”

Our yoga practice offers a similar metaphor within the transitions of our flow. It can be daunting to start making the "leaps" between our poses, to remember to slow down and move with control. We must remember the balance between things we can and cannot control; moving with patience and clarity rather than being frustrated with how things aren't "moving".

We all want summer and we all want to jump through to our hands like a weightless gazelle, but isn't it nice to hang out in the muck of the process and learn not only why we even want it but the proper way to arrive?


On March 18th Ricky Brennan is offering "The Art of Transitions" at Yogalife Studios North.

In this 2 hour special class Ricky will give students the tools needed to begin this gradual process. Emphasis will be placed on using breath to strengthen the mind and body. Students will be given several yoga drills to assist in their own personal development. It will be through continued work after the class, in the coming weeks and months that will unlock the practitioners ability to effortlessly float in and out of poses.