Nurtured, Centered, and Relaxed

Tension is who you think you should be.

Relaxation is who you are.

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Nurtured, Centered, and Relaxed: A Restorative Yoga and Meditation Workshop with Emily McNicoll

Life can be busy. Culturally we have a tendency to be action orientated. Our to-do lists seem long, thoughts abundant, and our ability to truly connect to the present moment may be lacking. It is in the present moment however, we can begin to connect with a patient, beautiful, quiet sense of being. Within that sense of being we can return our nervous systems to a place of ease, our minds to a place of peace, and our hearts to a place of thankfulness and celebration.

restorative yoga

Benefits of Restorative Yoga

  • Balances your nervous system
  • Help to heal pain and emotional injuries
  • Quiets your mind
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Enhances flexibility and opens the body
  • Gives you a deeper understanding of how and where you carry stress

Please join Emily this Saturday, November 5th in this three hour exploration of nurturing restorative yoga, simple pranayama (breathing exercises) and centering, guided meditation. Your body is sure to feel relaxed, your mind to feel at ease, and your whole being tenderly cared for. No previous experience needed.

Nurtured, Centered, and Relaxed: A Restorative Yoga and Meditation Workshop with Emily McNicoll

  • Saturday, November 5 || 2:30-5:30pm
  • Yogalife Studios North

A bit about your instructor, Emily McNicoll

Yoga has introduced me to a better version of myself. I've met a kinder, more loving, less reactive, compassionate human. It has gifted me with stronger boundaries yet softer edges. I've uncovered a grace, a greater thirst for adventure, and better sense of humour, thank God. The practice has helped to widen my heart, humble my head, and thankfully introduced me to a woman who believes in herself.

Teaching yoga allows me to create an inclusive environment in which humans can foster a relationship with the best version of themselves. I hold a sacred space for people to celebrate what makes them unique, beautiful, and authentic. My hope is that my students feel empowered, fall deeply in love with themselves, and inevitably know the gift of helping other humans celebrate their own lives.

Perhaps most important of all: I have been shown that I am in no way entitled to this breath, this Earth, or this body. Everyday it is my responsibility to pause, bow my head, and say "thank you" for all that I have been gifted. Our planet has graciously shared her space with me and I am forever grateful.