Stay Connected: 3 Poses For the Wandering Yogi

With summer in full swing there is no doubt the YEG yoga community will be setting out into the world to enjoy some vacation time! Long hours in the car, sleeping in tents, crashing on couches and airplane rides are all wonderfully balanced out by staying connected to your practice. Here's 3 yoga poses you can do to restore the mind, body and soul of the wandering yogi. 

Edmonton Yogi Travel Poses


No matter how you're travelling, your body is going to crave a nice wring-out when you arrive! Twisting comes in many forms: reclined, seated, of the lunging variety, worked into a standing sequence... there's many ways to scratch that itch! Benefits of twisting include relief of lower back pain, cleansing and detoxifying the body, stimulation of circulation and digestion and reduction of stress and anxiety. Bring your breath into the juicy spots along the spine, hips and shoulders. 

Edmonton Yogi Handstand


Inverting is an amazing way to reset and restore the body, and there's so many ways to get there! You don't have to pop up into a handstand or headstand to achieve the wonderful benefits of inversions. A simple 'legs up the wall' will help reduce stress, improve circulation, ease back pain and generally assist in posture. 

Edmonton yoga and travel


Vacation time is excitement time! Yes, you may plan to relax, kick back and unplug, but you can also find yourself overrun with sights to see, plans and activities. It's always a great idea to remind yourself to take a few deep breaths and reconnect back inwards. The rest of your trip will thank you! 

Wishing you the most epic summer adventures coupled with health and happiness that will carry you into Fall. Don't forget to visit us when you're home! 

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