New Class Reservation Policy



Hey Yogalifers!


We HEAR you!  We definitely do, and have been working hard on solutions for the busy-ness of the studios and being unable to get into your favourite classes!  Or that you have to show up really early for class to be able to get in a spot.


We understand that A) That's not the best use of time and B) sometimes you just can't!


So here's our new class reservation policy.


Class Reservation Policy

Thank you to everyone who provided us feedback about our classes and how busy it's been. We definitely hear you! The studios have been overwhelmingly busy and we know it has been difficult to get into your favourite classes! So we're changing things up a bit to enhance your experience at Yogalife. We want you to get your yoga in without it being so stressful.

  1. We are increasing the number of pre-registrations available for classes so that you can be certain you'll get into class.
  2. We will be charging for no shows (as this happens too often and is unfair for those students who plan to come but is unable to reserve a spot).
  3. If you do know you won't be able to make it, you can call or cancel your reservation up to 5 minutes prior to class.
  4. Pre-Registrations will be allowed up to 3 days prior to class, unfortunately we will no longer allow unlimited future bookings. (Unlimited days = more no shows).
  5. Please note that the 10 minute rule still applies. If you reserve a spot, that spot will be held up until 10 minutes prior to class. At that point, your spot will be given to the next person on the wait list and you will be charged a late cancel. (If you know you will be unable to make it, please give us a call)

We hope these changes will create better accountability for all of us. We really want to provide you the best experience and we understand that it's very disappointing to travel all the way only to find out that you won't be making it into class.

Please bear with us as we continue to adjust and ensure quality experiences.

Sincerely, Caren, Lindsey, Michelle & Sara.