4 Poses to Embrace the Radiant Energy of the Full Moon


The full moon is a time to express, play, create and ignite! At this phase in the lunar cycle we can check in with intentions set at the new moon, summoning the full expansion and expression of these goals. We can stoke the fires of our potential and play with endless possibility. Everything is intensified during a full moon, so creating a calm internal landscape and feeling grounded in your space will help to channel this powerful energy. Today we are sharing 4 poses with variations to ground into your body and earth while embracing the radiance of Luna's sweet energy!

Downward Dog


A staple in most asana practices, Downward Dog brings us through our whole body. This shape connects us to the earth and the sky as we cultivate a full body stretch and awakening. In your full moon flow, think of grounding your hands through your mat and into the earth to anchor and stabilize you. Breathe into the back of your heart, feel a full expansion through your belly and torso and imagine the energy of the moon bathing over your back and absorbing into your spine.

Playful variations on downward dog can manifest as simple, gentle movement to lifting a leg and finding more space through your side body. Let this expression come from a place of sensation - moving because it feels good. You may choose to flip your dog over into wild thing if you're feeling spicy, shining your heart straight up to the full moon! Make sure you are warm before adding this back bend into the equation.

Bridge, Wheel or Standing Back Bend


Back bends create space in the front energy line of the body, opening us up to receive in our heart centre. As you come into your pose, feel a deep connection through your roots: the parts of you touching the earth. Again, any variations within this asana will create grounding, connection and expansion, so whether you are pressing into your hands and feet for wheel, your shoulders and feet for bridge, or simply your feet for a standing variation, visualize a strong connection earthward. From here you are drawing your heart towards the sky, absorbing the energy from above through your front body.


Back bends are energizing as it is, so take time to restore and sit with the sensations of the opening after each round in your practice. Breath is the key tool for expanding deeper within each variation, breathing into the back of your heart so soften and create buoyancy.

Warrior 3 with Half Moon Variation


Balancing poses allow us to liven up our entire system; we draw energy from the earth and connect with our core to stabilize, we find the meditative "sweet spot" as we gracefully suspend our bodies in space. Warrior 3 channels our visual awareness down into the earth, growing invisible roots from our eyes into the ground. We feel that same awareness radiating up through our back body as if the back of our heart was staring at the moon. It is from this pairing of deep connection both earthbound and to the sky that we can then expand and deepen into the pose.

With hips squared down to the earth we can play around with variations in our arms: arms in a T shape to expand beyond our mat; hands clasped behind our tailbone to bring space to the front of our heart and shoulders. Invite radiant breath to expand and micro adjust in your shape. To transition into half moon pose, reach a hand towards the earth to stabilize, steadying your gaze down first, then invite the opposite hip to stack, opening your pelvis to the long edge of your mat and bringing your arms, shoulders and ribs to stack as well. Gaze may follow towards the moon, continuing to receive the energy from above and within.

Child's Pose


With the electricity of full moon energy it is important to ground into yourself - to rest and relax. If you are creating a high energy full moon flow, you may choose to invite a nice long child's pose towards the end of your practice as you start to bring the energy down. If you are focusing on a more slow, steadying and grounding practice, you may come to this asana frequently throughout your practice. Feel your breath wash over your back body, ride the natural wave of your spine, and feel that space absorbing the radiant energy of the full moon!

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