Get To Know Our Favourite Yoga Jams


Tunes to make you move

Sometimes there's nothing like an awesome playlist to sink you into your practice. Music can stir emotion, transporting you upward and inward. The style of yoga often reflects the style of music that accompanies; some practices are better left silent, some feel SO good with bangin' tunes. Whether you prefer "yoga" music - mantra inspired and calming - or something a little more unconventional, building your perfect playlist to take you through your practice can be a practice in itself! Here's a few suggestions to get you started. Follow us on Soundcloud as we continue to build our list of favourites!

If you practice at our studios regularly, you've probably heard this beautiful, soothing track floating around the room. We're still waiting for it to get old... we know it won't. Check out everything ever put out by Alina Baraz & Galimatias, you won't be disappointed!

When we heard "Could" last year, we immediately wanted to dance and stretch simultaneously. This is the mark of a good "yoga tune" - one that invokes playfulness and warmth.

Of course this list wouldn't be complete without a DJ Drez tune. Blending rich dub vibes and loving lyrics, any Drez track sounds good in a yoga room.

RY X's "Berlin" is hauntingly beautiful, the perfect addition to savasana or sprinkled into a softer practice. It speaks for itself.

We could go on for days; there's so much good music out there that makes us want to move (or be very, very still)! Are you a music junkie too? Send us your favourites!