Harness Your Intentions With the New Moon


We are connected to the moon

What is a new moon circle and how can we use it to manifest our intentions?

A new moon circle is a gathering a likeminded individuals with the intent to share and support one another in their goals and dreams. Here's how the one I gather with personally works:

Each month on the new moon (or the closest date that works for all of us) a group of close women gathers. We open the circle with a smudging ceremony, using this sage ritual to cleanse any sticky energy that may cloud the light of our circle. We then move onto a one word check-in along with our name (in case there's new faces around the room). We introduce a general theme that applies to the month, whether that ties in with astrology, numerology, or just the vibe of the group. We are never bound to a theme but it's nice to have a guide to get the ball rolling. We then work into an open discussion about our past month; roadblocks and successes, themes that have been pulling us, what has been making our hearts sing. Last month we discussed the different "positives in our toolbox" as a source of support and clarity. How do you listen to yourself? Are you in touch with your intuition? All conversations generally lead to your clear intention for the upcoming cycle. We take time to journal, turning inward to ponder the questions that arise with this sort of work.  

Finally we share our intention/s for the next month, making them real by giving them a voice and sending them out into the universe to be supported by our tribe. After voicing our desires, we each light our own candle - a reminder that we can revisit throughout the month that is steady and true. The collective of women makes eye contact, a nod of support in affirmation of "I'm listening to you", and then we take a breath and finish with a guided meditation. It is a beautiful, important process that we look forward to every month.

If this sounds like something you'd like to get started in your tribe, feel free to reach out with any questions.




Life goes in waves and everything is connected; the more we feel and understand this, the more we can use it as a resource. We set goals in varying intervals to establish realistic and attainable benchmarks; what am I accomplishing this week, month, year, 3 years, 10 years?   Intentions are the life we breathe into our goals, making them desirable in a way that keeps us motivated. When we put intentions behind our goals, it offers a creative romanticism that personalizes our wishes and tailors them to the current wave we’re in. We may work on the same goal our whole life, but it is the intention behind it that steers why we’re actually executing it. The moon waxes and wanes in a very clear, relatable cycle.  As the lunar cycle comes to a close, we find the moon “empty”. The new moon is a wonderful time to set, revisit and realign intentions and goals. This may correlate with something we desire for the month or perhaps this month's goals lend to a longer, larger goal.  

Everything you want is yours and your friends are there to help you get there. Happy New Moon! Namaste.