Finding Space With Forward Fold


Ground your feet, pour your heart out and breathe

Forward fold, or Uttanasana, is a simple and nourishing way to access space in the entire back line of the body.  Back of the head, spine and surrounding muscles, hamstrings, calves and heels all get to soften and gently open, softening into how much you need in the moment.

As always, there is no rush to "get there"; forward fold is an amazing place to hang out and see where your body wants to go.  Let yourself dangle, give yourself gentle movement, and maybe start to work deeper with the subtle activation of muscles or the help of your upper limbs.  The explorative nature of a forward fold can bring you into the space your body is craving.


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Contraindications and Cautions

If you have complications with your back, take forward fold with bent knees.  Another option would be to take Ardha Uttanasana, half forward fold, with your hands on the wall, legs perpendicular to your torso, and arms parallel to the floor.


Modifications and Props

To get deeper into the backs of the legs, stand in the forward bend with the balls of your feet elevated an inch or more off the floor on a rolled up mat, blanket or thick book.


Deepen the Pose

To increase the stretch, lean slightly forward and lift up onto the balls of your feet, pulling your heels a half-inch or so away from the floor.  Inner rotate and lift your thighs deep into the pelvis, and then lengthen your heels back to the floor.


Remember to honour where you're at always; respect how this shape changes depending on your needs and always remember to breathe!