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Arm balances are great for building strength and cultivating body awareness and focus. Our Power Upside Down Yogi, Lindsey, is a huge advocate for doing anything that require balancing on your hands. Take a look at Lindsey's awesome Crow Pose. Notice how strong and focused this Yoginis is!

HOW TO get into Crow: 1) Take your feet mat width apart and come into a squat. 2) Plant your palms firmly into the earth right underneath your shoulders. 3) Bend your elbows and find Chaturanga Arms. 4) Place your knees high up into your triceps and hug your knees into the midline. 5) Start to shift your balance forward into your hands as you take one foot off the floor and then the other. 6) Squeeze your feet together to find strength in your legs and stability in balance. 7) Allow your gaze to be in front of you to maintain stability.

Tips: 1) Your core strength is the most important! Building the strength in your core will help you go a long way when it comes to arm balances. 2) Chaturanga arms are crucial to Crow pose as well as many other Arm Balances. 3) Keep your knees hugging tightly into your body rather than allowing them to rest on your arms. This helps balance the weight between your legs and your arms 4) Keep squeezing your feet together to engage the muscles in your legs. This will help strengthen your core.

Tell us what your favourite arm balance is!