Living Balanced, Living Fully


Living balanced is the key to living fully

At Yogalife Studios the question "what does living fully mean to you" comes up frequently in our discussions. When we boil down everything that we're passionate about - health, fitness, family, friends, art, creating, breathing, music, travel, career, reading, writing, cooking... - it all ties into the "live fully" lifestyle. There's a difference between living fully and burning yourself out though, the central theme in the following guest post from Allie White. We must live balanced to live fully.


Allie White, creator of Allie White Wellness, is a Transformational Holistic Health Coach and all-around wealth of knowledge in all things healthy and happy. Her mantra is clear: Helping fun-loving women experience a whole new level of energy, beauty, and confidence so they can create the body and life they love with ease. Read on!

Are you living a balanced lifestyle?

My goal is to help you create a more balanced lifestyle so that you can shine, not just in one area of your life, but in ALL areas of your life! But first, why am I talking about living a more balanced lifestyle?

We spend a lot of time compartmentalizing the various areas of our lives: relationships, career, money, exercise, health… but we all know that if one area is out of whack, our WHOLE life is affected. Imagine making tons of money AND being in a loving, happy marriage BUT you have no time to exercise. Pretty soon you will appreciate your flow of money and love less simply because your body is not getting the exercise it needs to feel alive and energized.

That’s why it’s so important to think of your life as one holistic pie and to make the decision to put your energy into making every piece of that pie as yummy as possible!


So what would creating a more balanced lifestyle look like? Great question! Creating a more balanced lifestyle would mean taking a really good look at all areas of your life: relationships, career, money, exercise, health, spirituality, creativity…and making decisions about what is and isn’t working in each area. In the area of health, balance might look like clean eating (I’m talking real, whole foods not dieting!), plenty of veggies, eating organic as much as possible, drinking clean water, getting outdoors, plenty of sleep, exercise, meditation, deep breathing, cleansing, smiling more, laughing, more yoga, self care, joy, and gratitude.

Sometimes the reason we stay stuck in unhealthy or unhappy areas of our lives is because it’s easier, in a way, to stay stuck in the familiarity than to find the creativity and energy to make the changes needed to improve our quality of life and move into the unknown.

Change can be scary!

But don’t worry, I am here to help you begin to IMAGINE what your life in balance would look and feel like…you are not alone! But first...

How will I know if my current lifestyle is unbalanced?

● Are you used to getting things done on your own, but could use a little support? ● Do you want to build a healthier relationship to food? ● Do you eat when you are bored, angry, sad, or stressed out? ● Do you want to develop a deeper connection to yourself and others? ● Do you want to be empowered to be your own health expert? ● Do you want to be inspired about healthy cooking? ● Do you want to discover optimal eating for your unique body? ● Do you want more confidence, energy, and self-acceptance? ● Do you want to be challenged in new ways? ● Do you want to be held accountable to show up for yourself?

What do I do now?

Dive deeper into the questions above instead of answering yes or no. Take out your journal and be as honest and detailed as possible. You may be surprised at what emerges that may have previously been unexpressed. Next, make a list of what is working and what is not working for you under each of the following categories: relationships, career, money, exercise, health, spirituality, joy, and creativity.

What does a balanced lifestyle mean to you? What will having more balance in these areas look like for you? How can you create this on your terms? Imagine your dream lifestyle. What does that look like? What would an ideal day look like to you? What do you want more of? How do you want to feel? What’s important about that? Where in life are you settling? What are you no longer willing to tolerate?


Honesty plays a big part here. Don’t be tempted to create a life based on what you think you should be doing or what other people in your life think you should be doing. What does YOUR dream life look like? Know the difference. Trust your inner wisdom.

The goal here is to feel more fulfilled in all areas of your life. Remember this isn’t about perfection based on expectations it’s about meaningful progress and creating a magnificent life on your terms. A life that allows you to express the best version of who you are.

If you are ready to embrace the best version of your life possible, I'd love to assist and support your journey. Click here to schedule a time to talk with me about the important steps to take to make changes in your lifestyle that will help you CREATE your DREAM life!

To your vibrant health! Allie

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