Warriors Of Change



Brandon Jacobs, Warriors of Change facilitator, speaks about his upcoming offerings at Yogalife Studios:


I have reworked my Warriors of Change series to bring you two different workshops - Awareness & Transformation. This is a humble offering, in hopes that I can be of service to help anyone in any way I can to move through your physical practice and to embrace and move within your emotional and subtle body, in pursuit of your highest self. I have attached the poster here, so please pass this along to anyone you feel could benefit from it. I feel workshops such as these are greatly needed in the yoga community so I am very proud to be offering this.


Through a lot of reading and research on unhealed trauma, Brandon has been newly inspired to evolve this workshop into a program to help people find empowerment and awareness from their past experiences, struggles and wounds.  We are not victims, and we are not alone.  Brandon is passionate about creating an extremely safe space and environment to allow people to move through whatever they may need.  Small or big steps, we are all here together in support of one another.  Brandon published an article in Elephant Journal, in April of 2014 as a way to open up the lines of communication.  The hope is that everyone will have read the article before we begin the first session.


We often try to overcome many societal issues (perfectionism, eating disorders, self-worth, body image, etc.) individually.  This workshop will provide a safe place for people to emote, deal, and realize the power of hearing someone say, “me too.”


This workshop is the very core of Brandon's work, and he is truly committed to helping people work through, or at least become aware of what is holding them back.  We have already received an overwhelming response from the previous Warriors of Change workshops, and we hope to continue to help people become their truest and most authentic selves.  This is a needed workshop, not just at Yogalife, but in our community as a whole.


Warriors of Change // Awareness // July 5 // 2:30-5:30pm

Yogalife Studios North 

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In this workshop we will be discovering ways to heal traumas, and work through many common societal issues, by means of asana, or the practicing of yoga postures, svadhyaya, or the practice of self-study, journaling, meditation, and mantra.  This is all in pursuit of moving towards a higher version of yourself. Through the POWER of asana, we create a deep sense of self-awareness, so that we can progress and grow. We learn to truly see ourselves, forgive ourselves, and love ourselves. By becoming AWARE and working through what is holding us back, we move away from distraction, and find what is at the core of us as individuals. Through this acceptance, transformation becomes possible.


Warriors of Change // Transformation // August 9 // 2:30-5:30pm

Yogalife Studios North 


Throughout the course of this workshop, we will dive deeper into the concepts of self-acceptance and self-worth.  We will immerse ourselves in our yoga practice, and move mindfully as we breathe, and chant together.  After we practice and forgive, there will be a very cleansing guided meditation, followed by a ceremony, where there will be an opportunity for others to share in their experiences, as we bring our community even closer together.  Always coming back to the reminder that we are not a victim of circumstance, but a powerful being with choice.


*please bring a journal & something to write with $30/$35 at the door for one session, or $55 for both