Revisit, Reconnect, Renew: Checking In With Your Goals

The New Year is officially in full swing and although the calendar is advancing, we may be noticing the gung-ho flame we entered 2017 beginning to dim. It can feel so empowering to have a fresh, new year ahead of us - a clean slate to fill up with all the hopes and dreams we have for ourselves.

Goals are not meant to be stagnant; goals are dynamic, organic intentions for our lives that morph and change just as we do. Without making excuses for ourselves, can we realistically revisit our game plans and reevaluate what still resonates and what might have been a little lofty or unrealistic? Here's 3 ways to check in with your goals to ensure your path is still, in fact, yours!


This is one of the simplest ways to check in with yourself - revisit the goals and intentions you have been working with. If you have abandoned goals or just haven't been "making nice" on the promises you set out for yourself, don't fret. It's time to reconnect. 


Notice the emotions that may come up when you check in; if guilt, shame or anger surface, ask yourself why you set these goals in the first place. Reconnect with the root of your intention and feel empowered to reframe why you originally set your goals. 


Be honest. If it isn't realistic to hit the gym or a yoga class 5 days a week, why are you setting yourself up for failure? By connecting with realistic and attainable goals, we can start to create sustainable habits that have more space to grow organically. Say you'll run twice a week, not twice a day. After two weeks, revisit, reconnect and renew that goal to what makes sense in the present moment. 

When it comes to matters of self, remember to tread gently yet firm, free of ego and full of truth.