Modern Gravity: Where We Go To Float

A World-Class Float Studio in Edmonton

This is Modern Gravity, a float studio in the 'rapidly growing in the best way possible' Holland Plaza, just north west of the downtown core. Neighbouring this special spot is an array of unique small business that seem to capture a common theme: health and happiness! The lineup includes Lifestyle Meditation, Barre Body Studio, The Local Omnivore and Cafe Linnea, amongst others ranging from a flower shop to a wine store. You could really spend an entire day (or two) taking in all the great things Holland Plaza has to offer. 


Modern Gravity is a beautiful space with a clear mission: Create the best tools and environments to help reduce stress, enhance relationships and live happier. We recommend you...

Founded and operated by Matthew "Matticus" Smith and Jamie "Phillipos" Phillips, Modern Gravity is striving to deliver 'happiness made simple'. 

"Escape the stress of modern day living in one of [their] world-class float tank rooms. The highest quality floatation therapy & sensory deprivation tank experience in Edmonton!

…with the best high fives in the business."

<<< We can attest to this fact.

The space theme is strong inside Modern Gravity. Matt is a wannabe astronaut and JP is actually a space wizard. Incredible.&nbsp;

The space theme is strong inside Modern Gravity. Matt is a wannabe astronaut and JP is actually a space wizard. Incredible. 

So what is a 'float studio' anyways?

Modern Gravity describes the float experience as "an environment specifically designed to reduce immense amounts of internal and external stimulus so the mind and body can go into a super-ultra-recovery-mode and rest quietly in homeostasis." The process is pretty simple but the healing effects are vast.

Floatation Therapy, commonly referred to as “floating”, “sensory deprivation” or “R.E.S.T”, is essentially the perfect bathtub for physiological relaxation and stress relief; void of all light, sound and gravity. All of this is achieved by using a large, enclosed basin filled with skin temperature water and over 450KG of Epsom salt. -

Book in, show up, get naked, let it all go, get un-naked, chill and reflect. 

There I am! JK, image borrowed from

There I am! JK, image borrowed from

Just one of the reasons I felt at home!

Just one of the reasons I felt at home!

When I arrived at the studio for my first float, Matt took me through all the details. We had a good, genuine chat for about 20 minutes; these guys are so welcoming and easy to talk to so I felt at home right away. I have issues with anxiety and small spaces, so this was definitely a topic of interest to discuss BEFORE I was locked in (ps you're never actually locked in and can get out at any time). He explained I would be fully supported by around 1000 pounds of epsom salts (think a grand piano's worth), dissolved into water and kept at a constant temperature of approximately 34° Celsius (approximate skin temperature). Paired with the soundproof environment, your entire being is able to just let go. You aren't spending energy or attention on regulating your body heat or engaging any muscles so you can literally just relax down to the deepest fibre. 


Here's a photo of me in the float tank.&nbsp;

Here's a photo of me in the float tank. 

In my past experiences with meditation, unless I'm moving I generally start to feel anxious or uneasy. In the float tank I sort of just felt like a mermaid, wiggling around at first but then really feeling the most comfortable in stillness, enjoying the soft bob that accompanies floating. I found that I was startled "awake" on more than one occasion, which Matt explained was normal. Think about it - when do we ever relax THIS deep to the point of your body not needing to even regulate it's own temperature? He said that our breathing can slow down to 3 breaths a minute! So, naturally there were points in the float where I felt like my body was just checking in on me. "Caitlin, are you alive? You haven't been this relaxed or supported in... ever! Ok, you're good? As you were". It was beautiful. 

If you have any questions about my experience, don't hesitate to reach out at For more information on the studio or floating in general, check out the Modern Gravity website or contact the float experts.

Happy Floating!