5 Tips To Enjoy Healthy Holidays


Allie White Wellness holiday health guide

Happy, healthy holidays!

Yogalife Studios meet Allie White, Transformational Holistic Health Coach and all-around wealth of knowledge in all things healthy and happy.  Her mantra is clear: Helping fun-loving women experience a whole new level of energy, beauty, and confidence so they can create the body and life they love with ease.  Allie will be sharing her expertise on the blog; watch for her informative posts.


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A check-in on holiday health

You’re trying to stay healthy this holiday season and make all the right choices, but it can get tricky to stay on that health wagon when there are so many gatherings to attend. I get it. Plus, the office is filled with chocolates and shortbread cookies. (It’s almost like someone is trying to secretly sabotage you. It’s not me, promise.)

True story: I used to reaalllly struggle during the holidays. I would tell myself I’ll “just have one” then I’d end up having a “little more” and then feel guilty and go on a screw-it-all binge. Good news -- I don’t do this anymore. And you can totally celebrate the holiday season without falling off track, worrying about your weight, or feeling crappy. All this to say, I’m so excited to bring you these tips for your holiday success.

You need to create a plan in advance because all the gatherings and parties begin this month. My goal is to help you enjoy the festivities to the fullest AND feel and look your best. Crazy? Nope, actually it’s totally possible!

So let’s get started.

You know when you tell yourself you have to stick to your diet and not eat anything “bad”? You convince yourself that “this time is going to be different” and then what happens? Motivation fizzles out and you fall off track. (Or you see your favourite dessert calling your name from across the room.)




Yeah, that’s a bummer.

You really want to make good decisions, be healthy, look amazing, feel energetic and light and yet, when it comes down to it, you don’t always do what you know you should be doing. Instead, excuses, fears, worries, and other fun things pop up and prevent us from making healthy choices.


5 tips to stay healthy during the holidays

Check your bevvies!

Sounds crazy, but most people are severely dehydrated. It’s super important to make water a priority during the holidays when we’re filling up on heavy meals, sugar, and alcohol. Give yourself a head start and give your body the fuel it craves - water!

Bonus tip: If you’ve got the water thing taken care of and you want to take it up a notch, add green juice to your daily regime. It’s full of nutrients that will help keep your body balanced, your immune system strong, and your skin glowing.

Say no to diets Please stop - for real. You have enough to do over the holidays. Instead of worrying about dieting, eat whole foods and spend your time celebrating with loved ones. Eat regular meals to keep your blood sugar balanced all day. Never let yourself get ‘hangry’ (angry and hungry) because that’s when the crazy unleashes. That’s when your ability to make clear decisions vanishes and all you want to do is eat everything in sight. On the other hand, what happens when your blood sugar is happy? Cravings, overeating, binges, and grumpy moods disappear. Yay to that!

Plan ahead I’m sure you're wondering what to do about all the family dinners, parties, and social events that are just around the corner. Prioritizing is key. Eat healthy balanced meals all week - leafy greens, veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, organic free-range eggs, organic meats, root veggies, and beans. On the days when you have a dinner or party scheduled, make sure you eat a healthy balanced breakfast and lunch. Load up on veggies and don’t “save calories” for later. The more you starve yourself, or go to any extreme, the more likely it is you’ll end up giving into unhealthy foods, especially if you’re drinking! (Yes, I’ve been there too).

If you want to resist temptations, make sure to eat a healthy balanced dinner so you can arrive to the party full and satisfied. This makes sure hunger won’t rule your choices. If you want to eat, drink, and be merry, go for it! It’s totally cool to have one or two nights of care free celebration. On these occasions I like to eat lighter during the day. Prioritize fruits and veggies - greens smoothies, chia pudding, salads, and roasted veggies so there’s room for grains, protein, and heavier foods.

A bowl of leafy green kale

Indulge and enjoy it

We all have that one food we love to indulge in during the holidays, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Decide in advance what your indulgence will be and make sure it’s something you love. There’s no point in eating processed food that will make you feel like crap if you don’t absolutely love it. If you want cake, enjoy a small portion. Instead of inhaling it (and pretending like you didn’t just eat that), try to be mindful. Eat slowly, taste and savour each bite, notice the sensations, breathe, and fully enjoy! When your present with your food you’ll feel more satiated and satisfied. Another option is to share with a friend. Sometimes a small taste can satisfy a craving.

Opt for healthy alternatives

Food: Bring your favourite healthy food to the party if you’re able to. There are so many gatherings and we usually can’t control what will be served. Most of the time I eat a full meal before I go and bring fruit, veggies with salsa and hummus, or other whole foods so I have healthy options to snack on.

Drinks: Ditch the soda and juice and go for simple bevvies like vodka soda with lime.

Dessert: So far I have never been to a party that has healthy treats. So what do I do? I carry dark chocolate in my bag. This way I never feel deprived. Instead I look forward to my special treat at the end of the night.

Remember, food is not the enemy. Do your best, let go of self-judgements and perfection, and enjoy the holidays. You’ve got this!