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Pura Botanicals: In Pure We Trust

Pura Botanicals, in pure we trust.


This month we're featuring local apothecary and potion professional Pura Botanicals. This green beauty apothecary & natural perfumery boasts a collection of non-toxic, vegan, and eco-friendly skincare and wellness potions centred around the ancient art of the beauty ritual. Pura Botanicals is incredibly conscious; check out their amazing ambassador tribe (which includes the lovely Myrah Penaloza!) and learn about why the founder, Lane, was destined to create this company.


Pura Botanicals workshop and creative space.


"From an early age, I was fascinated with making potions on a little step at the side of our home. I spent hours concocting healing tinctures for my mother, whom was kind enough to test almost anything I snuck into our home. It was my love for nature and probably her nurturing instinct that guided me down the path to becoming a green beauty skincare alchemist and perfumer."

- an excerpt from Lane's 'Love Letter'

Natural Beauty

Pura Botanicals' collection encompasses skin care, body care, aromatic elixirs and yoga potions. Only the finest, skin-friendly ingredients go into these products, with the intention of unveiling and celebrating natural beauty.  At the heart of this process is finding the luxury in nurturing yourself, the planet, and the community.  Pura creates with mindfulness and consistency.


A display of natural skincare products from Pura Botanicals.


Custom Fragrance

Another interesting niche of this company is the Bespoke Perfume program.  Pura's extensive library of essential oils offers something for everyone and the intimate process of selecting the right combination for you is truly unique.  They conduct an in-depth scent analysis to ensure the most authentic inspiration is arrived at.


A collection of essential oils used to create bespoke perfume in Edmonton, AB.


"My first memory of perfume comes from my childhood. At night, on the occasion that my mother would go out, she would mist her heart centre and pulse points with her special perfume, and then kiss me goodnight before leaving. Up close, her soft, moist skin and signature scent would enrapture me with her elegance and beauty. Now as a woman and mother, I wear her favorite perfume to remember her by... to savour those bedtime kisses again and again. That's the power of perfume. It can be something dabbed on for an evening outing, never to be repeated again, or it can be an unfading part of one’s identity, recalled decades later with bracing clarity & awe."

- Lane Edwards, Pura’s founder, perfumer & alchemist


Natural ingredients used to make Pura Botanicals products.


We are stocked with our favourites at both studios.  Come try a sample and see why we fell in love!  To learn more about this amazing company in our community, head to


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