one on one


You've been to a couple of classes or maybe you come regularly. But you're still figuring out why your body needs more love, more strength, more of something and going to a regular yoga class just isn't giving you that insight. 

Here's an opportunity to book in with someone who can lead you through a practice and discover what your body needs more of, where the alignment might be skewed.

Are you hyper extending? Are you engaging the right muscles? Are you managing an injury and modifying your practice to let yourself heal? 

Book yourself in to see an instructor who can watch your body, give you verbal or hands on adjustments if you want, to help you gain more body awareness. 


Injuries are always our most profound teachers. It teaches us not only our limitations, but our capacity to heal our own bodies.   

When dealing with an injury, we do a lot to compensate. Or sometimes we don't know how to modify to correct our alignment or find optimal balance.    We have dedicated teachers who will give you tools to make sure you can go to any class without compromising your body. 


It's your first time stepping into stretching your body, knowing what a downward dog is, what to wear, how to move. 

This is the right kind of one on one yoga session for you. 

We know it's incredibly intimidating and uneasy to step into an unfamiliar environment, with all levels of practitioners who seem to know what they're doing. 

We totally get it. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and sometimes walking into a room full of people is not some people's definition of comfortable. 

So this one on one session is designed to figure out what your needs are, manage expectations, and offer you tools to get you started. 


Individual, tailored guidance for joint & deep tissue aligning yin postures can be of immense benefit. By really slowing down into discernment of sensation when we play our edges, we gain a much more authentic dialogue with the body. This can then be applied to the betterment of all other activities including stronger yang (active rather than passive) yoga classes, other body wellness practices, or even just walking the dog ;) we can also collaborate to create a short, 15- 20 minute daily yin sequence just for you, which can serve as a wonderful wind-down before bed, with easier & more refreshing sleep as a result.